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Program Report | 2009

Report 2009

Pre-training(For ASEAN participants. Thailand-July 2009)

Three day pre-training was conducted from July 29 to 31 at DENSO INTERNATIONAL ASIA, CO., LTD in Thailand, welcoming 20 participants from 6 ASEAN countries, which aimed to introduce each other including both participants and staff members and help participants to learn the purpose & goal of the program as well as the general guidelines for the program.

The first day started with ice-breaking games and self introduction,followed by explanation of the program. Next day, each country team made a presentation on their "country report" which explained about the environmental situation for each country. The length for each presentation was 15 minutes. By choosing the order by lot, Team Malaysia delivered the fisrt presentation, followed by Team Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia. The issues raised by teams varied from nature conservation related matters such as illegal deforestation and endangered wild spiecies to socio-environmental topics as waste management and 3R. It was found that in a country like Singapore the environmental issues are widely recognized socially and politically with the environmental initiatives led by the government, yet in some countries there are not enough government-led initiatives to protect the environment. On the final day, participants shared in turn, using the small posters, their own problems or difficulties they face when they proceeded with the environmental activities. Then they discussed how they can solve these issues. Some mentioned about time constraints as they are students. Many pointed out that it was difficult to raise fund for the activities, continue the activities, raise peoples' awareness around them and find members for the activities. After that, they wrote down what they would like to learn from the on-site training and shared them among the participants. The most common answer was how they were doing to raise awareness in Japan. They mentioned they were interested in the environmental initiatives or environmental education in Japan as well as civil environmental activities. The second common answer was how to balance the economical development and environmental conservation. They left the training venue in the evening, July 31 and went back home.

Pre-training (For participants in Japan. Japan-August 2009)

Pre-training for participants who lived in Japan was conducted in Whole Earth Nature School in Shizuoka, Japan which aims to help understanding the objectives of the programs and how to get prepared for the prepared for the training.

Out of 5 participants, 3 are graduate students and 2 are undergraduate students. 1 of them is from Chana and another 1 is from Vietnam, which makes the team quite international.

Located on the foot of Mt. Fuji, the Whole Earth Nature School is surrounded in the great nature. On the first day, they enjoyed cooking outside, introduced each other, and got introduced about the program. At night they talked around the camp fire, inviting two DYEA 2008 alumni.

On the second day, they were introduced about the situation of ASEAN countries on the environmental issues, then shared what they wanted to do for the environment in a workshop.

On-site training (October 2009 - Mt. Fuji Phase)

October 7
Mt Fuji Phase Day 1 - Orientation and self-introduction

25 participants from AsEAN countries and Japan gathered in FUjisan YMCA. They spent the first night together in big cabins and started to develop a friendship.

October 8
Mt Fuji Phase Day 2 - Ice-breaking games and presentatations of country reports.

To get to know each other better, they did ice-breaking games and each country team made a presentation to introduce the environmental situation.

Each team prepared well and did a great presentation incorporating interesting photos and videos. This workshop ended with active Q & A sessions.。

October 9
Mt Fuji Phase Day 3 - Field trip to Mt. Fuji area

Exciting moment comes - the field trip to Mt. FUji area.

In the morning, we departed for the 5th station of Mt. Fuji, then did trekking around Hoei-crater. Having Jimmy (Mr. Tsuda ), fantastic interpretor at Whole Earth Nature School, the participants learned historic & scientific facts about Mt. Fuji.

Once they finished trekking, they visited "Sengen-taisha", shrine at the foot of the mountain.

They learned how the water from Mt. Fuji benefited the local people and how they respected and protected the water by looking and touching the clear water of "Wakutama-Ike" (pond).

After enjoying the local food, they separated into several groups and experienced the homestay in Yuno area.

October 10
Mt Fuji Day 4 - Trout catching and local festival in Yuno area

After saying farewell to the host family, they gathered in the Whole Earth Nature School and studied about its facility.

The sky cleared up from the rainy sky, then they experienced catching red spotted trout.

Since most of the participants had never experienced it before, it excited them a lot. They took off the organs of the fish using the knife then cooked it around the fire place inside the traditional Japanese house. Thought this activity, They learned the importance and preciousness of creatures.

In the afternoon, the participants were invited to join the local festival. Some of the boys did "Sumo" and others looked around the food booths.

On-site training (October 2009 - Lake Biwa Phase)

October 12 Lake Biwa Phase Day 1 - Field survey at Lake Biwa

The first day started with the field survey at Lake Biwa.

Inviting officers from Lake Biwa Restoration Division, Shiga Prefecurer and staff members of Kankyolakers (Environmental Educators' group in Lake Biwa area) as guest lecturers, the participants learned how the lake water is protected by listening to their lecturers, conducting water quality check and mud survey on the boat.

After that, they landed on Okishima, an island on Biwa lake where people are living to learn about how they co-exist with Lake Biwa.

October 13
Lake Biwa Phase Day 2 - Lake Biwa Museum

On the second day, they visited Lake Biwa Museum which has a huge number of collections of freshwater fish. First they took part in planton survey, one of the museum's environmental awareness rasing activities, they studied in the museum guided by a curator.

There they were introduced about the nature and traditional culture of the people lived near Lake Biwa in the old times.

October 14 Lake Biwa Phase Day 3 - Lake Hayasaki Restoration Project

One of the highlight of this day was interview to local stakeholders who are engaged in restoration of Lake Hayasaki, an in-land lake of Lake Biwa.

Before they interviewed the stakeholders, they leaned through an role playing game called "Dragonfly pond" (one of the program from Project Wild) which enhance the participant to understanding the importance of stakeholder involvement. After that, they visited Biwako waterfowl wetland center and conducted an interview to the local stakeholders including people from local government, fishery industry and scientists.


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